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Tub to Shower Conversions

shutterstock_238339219Have you been thinking about converting your bathtub to a shower? Well, this trend is quickly becoming popular among homeowners. Meanwhile, real estate agents are fuming, as they insist that your home needs to have at least one bathtub for marketability purposes.

But, what if you never plan to sell? Or, maybe you’re lucky enough to have more than one bathroom? As long as you leave a tub in one of them, you’re good to go! Now, you just need to know what tub-to-shower conversion options are available.

Curbs or Curbless Floors?

Your shower pan, or floor of your shower, helps determine the style, look and feel of your shower. There are two basic types:

  • Shower Pan with Curbs – Forms a full enclosure, so water spray is contained and funneled to a drain. Generally simpler and more economical to install than curbless shower stalls.
  • Curbless Shower Stalls – Also known as Barrier-Free Showers – The floor’s drainage slope must be built below the level of the flooring surface surrounding it. So, either the shower pan must be lowered, or the surrounding floor level must be raised.

Your Options

There are various options for converting your bathtub to a shower. Each one is installed using a different installation process, which helps determine the costs of your tub-to-shower conversion. Here are some of the options currently on the market:

Shower Stall Kits

This low-cost option is generally made of fiberglass or acrylic, with pre-manufactured sides. These showers come with floor pans that are skid-proof with curbs to keep water inside the shower. It also features a hinged glass door and a drain hole. There’s a built-in slope to deal with drainage.

Shower stall kits come in various sizes to fit numerous types of configurations. Some even include extras, like built-in shelves and seats. These kits are great fits for old tub alcoves and corners. Pieces come individually, making installation relatively simple and fast.

Tiled Showers with Curbs

These customized tub-to-shower conversions are built on site. The curbs are generally manufactured using ceramic tile. On top of the curbs, you’ll find a glass or solid wall.

Shower pans in tiled showers with curbs with tile are either fiberglass or one-piece products. They can also be custom-made, by hand, out of mortar. They are then covered with a vinyl membrane or waterproof rubber, more mortar, followed by your choice of tile.

Curbless Showers

When converting your bathtub to a curbless shower, specially-made pans are installed to fit level with the subfloor surrounding it. This allows the tile to be laid in a continuous layer over both the bathroom and shower floor.

For a floor that’s slab, a section of the slab must be removed for the pan to fit. This can be a loud, messy job. But, your local Tub-to-Shower Conversion Expert should be able to get it done in a flash. For other alternatives, or to learn more about converting your tub to a shower, give us a call today!


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