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At Genie Bath, we know that living with a disability or a family member who has a disability can be a challenge. Daily tasks become more challenging, and stepping in and out of high bathtub walls can become dangerous or even impossible. It is also a private activity, and many people with disabilities dislike being forced to be helped in the shower due to their limited mobility.

Solutions for Those Who Need It

That’s why we offer accessible showers and baths, making it easier for people to live their daily lives. We offer ADA compliant walk in showers, making it easy to enter and exit. Stepping into the shower should not be difficult, and with a custom accessible shower, it’s not. This means people can retain their privacy and take care of themselves without assistance in many situations. Even if a caregiver is still necessary, all of these safety features can make a shower go far more quickly – they can focus on bathing rather than the safety of the person in their care.

If you already have a bathtub, we can convert it to a shower for a quick improvement to your bathroom. A low threshold means increased flexibility, and can be used by everyone in your home. You’ll also find that you have more room in the shower when precious square footage isn’t taken up by the sloping walls of the tub.

If you love baths, consider a walk-in bathtub. With easily accessible doors, seats, non-slip surfaces, and grab bars, you can continue to enjoy bathing safely. We offer deep soaking tubs, whirlpools, and other luxurious additions so that your bath will be both safer and more enjoyable than ever. You can keep enjoying a relaxing soak while being confident that you will be safe.

Accessibility Options

A safe seat in the shower can make it much easier for a person with a disability to bathe themselves and maintain independence. It can be easy to transfer from a wheelchair to a shower seat, allowing a level of independence in the shower that many wheelchair-bound people miss. We offer folding seats, chairs, and built-in seats that are non-slip, comfortable, and stylish. Available in custom finishes and sizes, these seats can make a shower a safe and enjoyable experience, while being comfortable.

We also offer all sorts of accessibility-enhancing accessories. One of the most popular is a guard rail, which is a stylish way to dramatically improve the safety of your shower or bath. Available in a variety of finishes to match your bathroom’s décor, it offers a safe place for a person to grab and make sure that they don’t slip in the tub. We also offer weighted shower curtains to keep floors dry, specialized shower doors that keep caregivers dry while they assist in bathing, and hand held shower heads to make it easier to shower while sitting down.

We know how important it is for people to maintain their ability to bathe independently and comfortably, without sacrificing safety. All of our solutions work together to make it possible for people with disabilities to remain in their homes while feeling safe and secure.

And they cost much less than you might expect. Working with a disability can be overwhelming, and the idea of retrofitting your home to be accessible to all members of your family can feel like an insurmountable project. We offer quick, personalized bathroom remodels that take into account both your style and your needs. Your new bathroom can be installed in as little as a day, minimizing the disruption to your family’s life while creating a great improvement in the life of your family member with a physical disability.

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