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Kid Friendly Bathrooms

When it comes to shutterstock_278320148your most-used room in the house, you are going to want to choose a style and design that works for everyone in the family. If you have an “adults” bathroom and a “kids” bathroom, then it makes it all the better. Design each one according to who is using it. If you are in the privileged position of being able to choose a style for your children’s bathroom, then look no further – we are here to help! We can help plan the best kid-friendly bathroom in all of San Antonio.


Kids love themes. It all depends on your children’s specific interests and current obsessions. Do they love everything Disney? Go with a Disney Princesses theme (especially if they are girls), a Mickey Mouse theme, or a Lion King theme. Do they love dinosaurs? Commit to a completely dinosaur-related theme for them to enjoy. What if you only child has a particular obsession with ferrets? Well then, you can try to make a ferret theme for the entire bathroom. Whatever the theme, you can turn your bathroom into it.

But before you jump in headfirst to the planning stage of making your new, specially themed bathroom, keep one thing in mind. You should be sure to think about the other aspects of designing a kid-friendly bathroom that are equally (if not more) important than the theme you give it.


The number one aspect of an effective bathroom for kids (or just about anything else for kids, for that matter) is to keep breakable things out. This doesn’t just apply to switching out glass cups for plastic cups on the countertop – there are a lot more elements to it than you might expect at first.

Have you thought about your cabinets? Are they able to withstand large quantities of water damage? Kids spill all the time, remember. What about your counter tops? Choose ones that are made out of a stain resistant material. Kids’ bathrooms need to be easy to clean and reliable.

Storage Space

If your children are old enough, you can try teaching them where everything in the bathroom is supposed to go. This is more easily done if the space is already well organized. If you do teach your kids where to put everything, there is a smaller chance of something being left on the floor and spilling. Even dirty clothes and wet towels should have a spot in your kids’ bathroom.


When it comes to important things on the list for any kids room, safety is the top concern. Make sure your newly designed bathroom also keeps things safe. Step stools will minimize your children’s need to climb, as will lowering some of the pieces of furniture. Nonslip mats are a good idea for the shower, as is a bar of some sort for your children to hold onto. Genie Bath Systems has a lot of great shower accessibility options that are beneficial for children and elderly.

Keep Things Eco-Friendly

Being eco-friendly isn’t just about maintaining the health of our planet – it’s about maintaining the health of your kids! If the items in your kids’ bathroom are made out of eco-friendly substances, the health and quality of the environment will be higher. Another good idea to maintain a healthy living space is to use a fan of some sort.


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