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happy bath remodeling clientsAt Genie Bath, we have the utmost confidence in our products. We build showers and baths with high standards, and we stand behind them for daily use for a long period of time. We know you do not want to worry about your bathroom fixtures –it is probably the last thing you want. That is why we include a warranty for all of our products.


The Genie Bath Warranty 

The lifetime warranty on our products covers them for as long as your own your home. That means that even if your bathtub leaks decades from now, if you are still living in the same home, we will cover it.


Our warranty covers a wide range of defects, including chipping, scratching, peeling and fading. Purchasing from us gives you the confidence that your bathtub or shower will look and work just as good in the years from now as it does the week we install it. That warranty goes for all of our products – faucets, surrounds, and linings, as well as the shower itself.

No Need to Worry 

With a Genie Bath warranty, you can feel comfortable remodeling your bathroom. You will have the assurance that all of your fixtures are high quality and will be able to be used by you and your family for your daily bathing needs for years to come.

We also offer a warranty for those purchasing our product with home repair service. For non-residential purchasers, including those for commercial and industrial use, our products are under warranty for five years following the original date of purchase. If a leak or other defect arises during that warranty period, we will replace the defective part free of charge or repair it to good working condition. Our products are designed to last, regardless of where they are placed.

Materials You Can Trust 

Our materials are designed to last but within reason. The warranty covers any damage that occurs via normal use and regular wear and tear. It does not cover damage due to product misuse or abuse, installation error, or use of a product including abrasives or other damaging materials.

If you need to use your warranty, please keep in mind that proof of purchase must accompany all warranty claims whether they are from residential buyers or commercial buyers.

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